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7 Signs You May Be Deficient of Vitamin D

7 Signs You May Be Deficient of Vitamin D

Thank you Life Equals for this post. Great information here! The opportunity to absorb natural vitamin D from sunlight is waning as the leaves turn beautiful colors and eventually fall. Many of us mistakenly think we aren’t at risk because we consume vitamin-D-fortified foods, such as milk. Unfortunately there are very few foods that have therapeutic levels of vitamin D naturally to support our health needs, leaving many of us vitamin D deficient. Did you know: Before the year 2000, very few doctors ever considered the possibility that you might be vitamin D deficient. But as the technology became inexpensive and widely available, more...

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Reach into Wellness! Autumn 2014 Self-Care Retreat
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Reach into Wellness! Autumn 2014 Self-Care Retreat

AFC is proud to partner with Peaceful Stretch for its 2014 Self-Care Retreat. Please join us on this...
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Join AFC at BIGGSteps 5K

  AFC is proud to sponsor and participate in the BIGGSteps 5K Sunday, September 21 at 8:...
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February is Heart Health Month

Another fantastic PreventionPlus lecture focusing on nutrition and heart health Friday, February 21s...

Mindful Eating: 3 Simple Ways to Begin Your Journey

7 Signs You May Be Deficient of Vitamin D

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